Bedford Springs

Water. Ahh. Water tasted so good in Bedford, PA. Maybe it was the 90-degree weather. Maybe it was the spa treatment — deluge shower, eucalyptus steam room, hot tub, cold tub, massage. Maybe it was the slices of cucumber, orange, lemon and lime in the water itself. Maybe it was the fact that the water supposedly came from the fresh springs and not from the unfresh ground. Maybe it was the fact that apart from the spa, fitness center and lobby, we paid $2.50 a pop for a bottled water that came from Fuji.

Not to kill the metaphor to abruptly — but the two-day visit to Beford Springs Resort and Spa was smooth sailing and refreshing. And so I’m thinking a lot about water. No TV. One check of email. Page-turning books (American Wife and Instructing a Child’s Heart), a daughter who slept the whole way there and pretty much the whole way back. Rich conversations in the car with my husband.

Sure – J’s diaper leaked and poo seeped into the car base requiring a full-fledged cleaning upon arrival; J spit up on numerous carpets throughout the place – Ooze/I followed behind whiping what couldn’t be cleaned up with a burp rag into the carpet with a shoe. And we were all a little congested so sleep was interrupted with sneezes, coughing and the inevitable 2 a.m. feeding.

But water. Wow.

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