One of my best of days (relatively speaking…)

Written April 21.

Today’s accomplishments exceeded my expectations. First, Jelsa and I rejoiced in the sun and 65-degree weather. Then we got down to enjoying it. We put the drying rack on the back porch and let the cloth diaper inserts dry in the sun in an effort to rid them of stains that have started to appear. Then I packed up the stroller for a jont across town to a new organic dry-cleaning place I’ve been wanting to try. The duvet cover has been desperate for a cleaning, and I couldn’t bring myself to taking it the smelly, cancer-causing dry cleaners. Already to go — then Jelsa decided it was nap time on the rug in the family room. I killed an hour writing emails and preparing for Bible study tonight. Jelsa awoke – and we were off.

Organic dry-cleaners: love them. No smell. No twinge of the nose. Life and not death.

Next stop: Public Library. Love it. Free books. Not a peep out of Jelsa as I roamed the stacks.

From the library to Safeway: a call from Harold Larson on my cell phone aka Dad. Life is good he says, even though he is swapped with work and people are in line to complain to him.

Home in time for a feeding another Jelsa nap and good breezes coming in from the back door.

All of which got me singing a song that I played often in high school by Geoff Moore and the Distance (Christian contemporary music…I’ve had my seasons of it).

“And all the world was right,
And I felt so full and alive
In the wonder and the light,
And I would never be the same,
For I knew somehow I had changed.
Even now I’d have to say,
It was one of my best days.”

May 25th Correction: Turns out, this wasn’t one of my best days because it ended with Jelsa screaming SCREAMING for a couple of hours as her stomach dealt with something I ate over the weekend (big salad made by uncle Geoff). Ooze was out of town. It was a mini-crisis. No more Geoff Moore by 6 p.m. that night.

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